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Is there life over the Internet?

I had viewed the Internet as a media for communication, of course, it plays a big role in communication. However, with the anonimity of people, can we establish real relationships?

I am not talking of just an LDR (Long-Distance Relationship) between lovers, but also between 2 people who share interests or even find joys in each one’s differences.

For these past few months, I had experienced the “Virtual Life” as what I call it. I had been using LINE application.

I found “Life” online, but note: I am not making this as my primary life. Now when I say life, I mean that I found something more than what I had once perceived. Things I had not once thought would be possible. Meeting people online who I might not have had the chance to meet. People from different walks of life, profession, experiences, personalities and character. Their experiences, they’re overflowing! I had learned a lot from them, not just from their accounts of their experiences, but also what traits I had developed by interacting with them, lessons I learned myself, and the kind of personality I have that I was not aware of.

We are human beings, logical, rational, yet each laced with complexities.

In a short span of time, let’s say 5months, I had found new friends.


 Well, to some people, friends are easily defined.

I am ordinary, probably just like you. I want to blend in among friends. People I get along easily and feel comfortable with. I have friends at work, because we share common interests at work. I have high school and college friends, because they were the people i hang out with in school. I have online friends for years too, people who had kept communication going though we are busy with our own lives. Those friends,…I called them friends because I felt comfortable with them. I call them friends and they call me friends. But that is not what I want.

A friend, in the truest sense, is someone very important. Someone who is close enough to be called family. Someone who I think is worth sacrificing my life for. Sounds crazy? Yes, indeed. You see, I have issues, to name a few: trust people easily, detachment and truth disclosure.

They are not negative traits, in fact, that’s what people want right? But I am talking of those things being done online.

A year ago, I thought that online relationship, is just….empty. Full of pretentions, clouded by anonimity and such. It’s difficult to find real things.

But now, I change that. Although it’s just online, I met real people. People I can share my darkest and deepest secrets with. Anonimity? It helps. We can share experiences without having disclosing our identities.

 And probably the most unexpected thing happened.


To most people, it sounds childish of me or that it was just admiration or deep crush, etc.

But to me, it was love.

I fell inlove, got my heart broken, and still trying to mend things and stitch my heart in one piece. It was a rollercoaster ride!

And mind you, it was the first time I fell in love.

The Internet lead me to different experiences, taught me lessons, and brought out different emotions I’ve never felt.

So…. I will enjoy it while it lasts, treasure my experiences and memories.

Ru’s Video Transcription for the “Rick and Dick Hoyt Story”

Anne Curry: this morning,we’ll move on to our mini-series  called Today’s real Heroes. Our national correspondent, Natalie Morales is here with an unforgettable parent.  Natalie…
Natalie Morales: Anne, it’s a story you have  to see to believe. Our Heroes today are  Rick and Dick Hoyt, better known as Team Hoyt; and if you haven’t heard of them yet, be prepared. They are almost legends in their own right,
and you’ll see right now why they are heroes to so many.
          This is one of the greatest love stories of all time. A story of a father who climbs mountains and runs  to the ends of the earth and back, to give his son a better life.  A life that transcends the limitations of his body.
           Registration for the ’25th Ironman’ continues one by one; some faces, we recognized. here is 58 year-old  Richard Holcomb, #214, back for a second try. He’s legally blind and it doesn’t matter to him. Now the thing that must occur at all cost, is this time: cross the line.
Richard: it’s more than a race. It’s a lifetime event that we will remember for the rest of our lives.  It did not occur to me yet, of course, or, uhm… I’m gonna cross the finish line.
       The story is about people like Richard Holcomb,  passed through this world as race week move  towards this morning.
       “Hey, did you hear about the man who is legally blind?” People love to tell and love to hear the stories. Then, appearing at the start line  where they’ve been before, a father and son,  Dick and Ricky Hoyt. There is no one here who hasn’t heard about them. Their story had a human commitment that goes far
beyond and far back.
January 10th, 1962, we knew there was  something wrong but we did not know exactly what. The doctor said “forget Rick. Put him away, put him
in an institution. He’s gonna be nothing but  vegetable for the rest of his life.” We cried a little bit, we talked and we said “No, we’re not gonna put him away. We’re gonna bring Rick home and bring him up like any other child.”
     We knew when he is mad . We could tell by looking in his eyes.then When we talk to him you know he was paying attention to what we were saying. So we wanted to get a computer built so Rick could communicate with us. Everybody came to our house that night for rick to  say his first words; and everybody was betting ,  you know, what is the first word is Rick ever gonna say.
   His mom  saying it’s gonna be “hi, mom “ and me, the dad saying “no, it’s gonna be  ‘hi, dad’  “
       When the Boston Bruins were going for the Stanley Cup  and the very first words Rick ever said was :
“Go, Bruins”.
        Dick is a military man so he knows a thing or two  about commitment. this time, he’s just months remote from a heart attack. This gift that he gives to his son, or is it the  other way around.either way, it all started when Rick heard about a charity run for paralyzed athletes.
He asked “dad”, and dad said ‘yes’.
           The gun went off, and we went off, and all the other runners and everybody thought that Rick and I will just go  to the corner and turn around and come back.
Well, we didn’t.
     We finished the whole 5 miles, coming in next to last but not last.  And we got home that night, Rick wrote on his computer:
“Dad, when I’m running, it feels like my disability  disappears.”
    So that was a very powerful message to me that we finally found a sport that Rick could get involved in just like everybody else.
         Rick is my motivator, he inspires me. to me, he’s the one out there competing and I’m just loaning him my hands  and my legs so that he can compete. this is something that gets in to me when I’m there competing with Rick and  I can’t explain it and we’re able to go faster. and it’s just an unbelievable feeling.
            Rick and I love playing in triathlon to be out there competing with the best triathletes in the world, to be accepted to compete along with these triathletes. Just to be out there on that pier with all the other triathletes and then waiting in the water for that canon to go off, it was just so exciting. The feeling coming down to finish line and we really tried–it’s just an awesome experience, but the crowd there,  all the excitement and noise and the announcers announcing and like all the adrenaline just keep flowing.
“I maybe disabled but I lived a very fulfilling life, and if someone takes the time to get to know me,
they will realize that I am no different than anyone else”
Dick: he really is a graduate from public highschool, he’s  graduated from college, he’s out there competing in road races or triathlons. He lived a happy life probably 95% of the  population. Rick couldn’t get tired that day, you know, he,.if he was physically-able to do something then he’d probably play basketball or football,hockey.,but then he always says “no,the first thing he’d do is stand, and be stunned on his wheelchair and he’d push me, you know it really makes me feel good that, ah.. that you know, he appreciates you know, what I’m trying to do to help him out and he’d do the same thing for me.
Our message is
“Yes, you can, you do anything you want to do, as long as you make up your mind, you can do it.”
If you have ever searched for the meaning of life,..
STOP, the answer lies right in front of you.
By the way, Ricky would want us to tell you:
 “the Bruins looked pretty good this year”.

(summary of races, marathons and triathlons)


Eagle’s Nest Condominium is another affordable Mid-Rise condominium development by Primary Homes Cebu. It has 260 units. Situated in Canduman, Mandaue City, Cebu.
The Eagle’s Nest is approved by the Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu as an alternative living arrangement for its students. With this new development, the Eagle’s Nest by Primary Homes continues to uphold its vision to provide quality homes and condominium within the easy reach of the average Cebuano family. Because we understand that time is important for the family Location.

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• Situated within the vicinity of Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu
• With private access to the school
• No need to travel or commute

Features Area: 30 square meter Two level condominium Amenities
• Observation / Science Deck
• Reception & Lobby Area
• Themed-Lounge per Floor
2nd Floor:

• Study Hall
• Foodcourt

• Commercial Area for Convenience Store, Tutorials

• Indoor Parking

• 3 Elevators

• 24 hr Security with CCTV


PRICE: Basic: PhP 3,000,000

Furnished: PhP 3,500,000

Reservation fee: PhP 20,000 (Deductible from the Total Contract Price)

Payment Options

• 3% Pre-selling Discount
for the 1st 5 buyers

100% of TSP within:
7 days = 8% disc on TSP
30 days = 7% disc on TSP
60 days = 6% disc on TSP
90 days = 5% disc on TSP

50% of DP = 7% disc on DP
40% of DP = 6% disc on DP
30% of DP = 5% disc on DP

• 100% spread equally over 24 months
w/o interest
= 3% disc on TSP

• 30% DP – spread over 30 months w/o int
70% BAL – spread over 6 months w/o int
• (can also be financed by bank loan or
in-house financing at 10 to 12% per annum, maximum of 10 yrs term)

Note: Price and discounting may change without prior notice

For inquiries pls contact:
Marie Cabigon
Real Estate Salesperson
Skype : mitchcabigon



Avalon Condominium
• 19-storey High-End Residential Condominium
• located at the heart of CEBU BUSINESS PARK (infront Ayala Mall)
• feature first-class amenities to suit those meticulous in taste
• awards the chosen few to rightfully own a residential property remarkably valued as a CROWN JEWEL
• investment yield more returns ranging from 10% to 15% per annum
• developed by Primary Homes Inc. the leading real estate developer in Visayas and Mindanao.               


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Amenities & Services
– Adult and kids swimming pools
– Function Rooms
– Fitness Gym & Sauna
– Daycare Center
– Business Center
– Manicured gardens & park jogging trails at the Cebu Business Park
– Perimeter fence – ISO-Certified Property Management with solid track record Facilities


 Main Lobby & Reception area

– 3 High Speed Passenger Elevator units
– 1 Heavy Duty Service Elevator Unit – Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system
– Top of the line fire alarm and sprinkler system with fire exits
– 4 Levels Basement Parking with parking allocation for visitors
– Individual Mailbox for each unit
– Centrally located garbage system per floor
– 100% back-up power generation
– Telephone, cable/HDTV and internet ready.

For inquiries pls contact:
Marie Cabigon
Real Estate Salesperson
Skype : mitchcabigon



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Alegria Palms (House and Lot) in Lapu Lapu City, Mactan, Cebu, Philippines


Primary Homes is proud to bring to you its newest project in the Island of Mactan.

ALEGRIA PALMS,a 4.8 hectare middle market development,offering well appointed 3,4 and 5 bedroom house and lots for sale,within walking distance to the beach.
The property is located in a gated community with 24 hour security and it is in close proximity to the General Hospital, Downtown Area, Seaside, Shopping Mall, Schools, Public Market, Sports Complex, Police Station, Fire Station and the Airport.
Amenities of Alegria Palms
* Elegant entrance with guardhouse
* Water Fountain
* Multi-purpose Hall with parking area
* Basketball Court
* Selected landscape and play areas
* Perimeter fence
* Water distribution system
* Electrical power supply
* Cistern and overhead tank



for inquiries, please contact:
Marie Cabigon
Real Estate Salesperson
Skype : mitchcabigon



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* Elegant entrance with guard house
* Kids wading pool, kids playground, clubhouse
* Selected landscaped areas
* Perimeter fence
* Cemented roads, curbs and gutters
* Cemented sidewalks with street lights
* Concealed underground electrical, cable and telephone system
* Electrical power supply
* Water distribution system supplied by Metro Cebu Water District
* Provision for Telephone Lines
* Provision for Cable TV line
Pre-selling !!!

Pay only 30% Down payment in 24 months

No Interest.

*House Specifications*
* Asian Contemporary designed houses
* Kitchen counter-top with sink and built-in cabinets
* Powder-coated aluminum framed glass windows with insect screens
* Elegantly painted ceiling and room partitions
* Ceramic tiled flooring for toilet & baths
* Stylish bathroom fixtures
* Shower enclosure for Master’s bathroom
* Spacious walk-in closet for Master’s Suite with smart modular closets
* Sizable closets for all bedrooms
* Deluxe ceramic floor tiles for living, dining and kitchen areas
* Elegant staircase and stairs
* Wood-grain laminated flooring (second floor)
* Stone chipped coated steel tile roofing on steel roof framing
* Steel reinforced solid concrete exterior walls
* Superior residential plumbing and electrical system

For inquiries pls contact:
Marie Cabigon
Real Estate Salesperson
Skype : mitchcabigon